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January 2024 Newsletter

The January edition is focused on providing tips and strategies for parents to support their child's writing skills and general education at home. It specifically highlights activities and exercises that parents can incorporate into their daily routines to help their child develop strong writing abilities and excel academically. From creative writing prompts to educational games and resources, Milestones aims to empower parents with the tools and knowledge they need to actively engage in their child's learning journey.

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March 2024 Newsletter

Our newsletter entitled, Milestones, for March delves into the topic of executive function and why it is crucial for your child's development. It also provides engaging flashcard games and activities that you can enjoy with your child at home.

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May 2024 Newsletter

Coming Soon!

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February 2024 Newsletter

The February Newsletter is packed with information on how parents can engage their children in math activities at home to foster a love for the subject and enhance their skills. Additionally, it delves into the concept of virtual schools, outlining the various types available and the important roles parents play in this educational setting. It's a comprehensive guide for parents looking to support their child's education journey.

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April 2024 Newsletter

Our newsletter entitled for April continues the discussion on executive function in part 2 of the series. Additionally, there is a study included that involves about 700 participants working to answer the question of whether texting hurts writing skills.

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June 2024 Newsletter

Coming Soon!

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