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Welcome to

A Helping Hand

Learning Academy

A Helping Hand Learning Academy was created to give students and parents the tools they need to support their children to success through remote learning.

Must have Internet, a working laptop or iPad, and installed on your device.


There are many great things I can say about A Helping Hand Learning Academy. My daughter struggled in math through 4th & 5th grade and went to A Helping Hand for help. My daughter is now an eighth grader and is an A student in math. All through middle school, this subject has not been a problem. Last year she scored a 4 on the math EOG and has the opportunity to take higher level math classes.


A Helping Hand has an amazing gift and the skills to help anyone excel in math.


Karen Booker, Greensboro, NC

A Helping Hand has left a lasting impression on my son. I thank this company for all it has done and continues to do for our children!


​Stacy Ballard, Greensboro, NC

My son struggled in math, and so I brought him to A Helping Hand.  After their specialized instruction, he was in the 81st percentile in ELA and 85th in Math... I don't understand how he could do better in math than in his favorite subject - reading, but I'll take the scores regardless!


We attribute his high scores to A Helping Hand's EXCELLENT teaching skills and focused attention on his particular gaps in instruction. Thank you!  You rock!


Susan Burns, Greensboro, NC

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